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Validator-Features and Error documents

Validome 2.0 shows new features

In version 2.0 we improved the main technology of this validator and included some new and usefull features for Webmasters, Publishers and Developers, such as sending an optional User-Agent, which allowes to validate even every Web-Document-version behind a Browser Sniffer.
The possibility to simulate different "Accept-Languages" was addinitionally implemented. This feature is essential to validate multilingual Websites, which control the language version by taking the clients default language. Now you also have the chance to proof a servers gzip-Header acceptance. That's important, when you look at the fact that HTML-documents can be compressed to about 25% of their former size. Because of that, compressed documents cause less traffic and download-time.
Furthermore the validator is able to follow HTTP-Header-forwardings and validates the target site.

Error documents

Validome's intention is to develop the best, web based HTML-, XHTML- and XML-Validator as well as making it available to everyone for free. Because of complexity, even Validome will never be a final version or bug free, but we always work on technical improvement and try to approach the goal of a (nearly) perfect validator.
Because of huge feedback from developpers, webmasters and Validome users, numberous bug reports and suggestions for improvement reached our staff regularly. Thanks all interested people helping us to become a reliable, multilingual validation service; we still need your objective review and appreciated opinion to achieve our aims.

To reproduce all the real and theoretical Errors, which can occur in documents, we collected and archived tons of inaccurate documents. There are more than 100 examplary Error document files we would like to show you in this area to demonstrate all possible and "impossible" Errors.
By the way, we had the chance to validate these documents using other validating services to proof their efficiency - and demonstrate ours as well.

Here a list of the most famous HTML- and / or XHTML- validation services besides Validome (There is still a vast number of XML-validation services, which are not listed here, but according to our experience, web-based XML-Validators are rarely needed. In spite of this fact, our staff works these days on a XML-Validator; as a scheme-Validator-only, our upcoming service will help improving XHTML-validation and offer webmasters and web-publishers a reliable RSS- and Atom-Feed-Validator):
  1. W3C Validator
  2. WDG Validator
  3. Site-Valet Validator
The Error documents mentioned above do not contain standard or trivial failures like nesting Errors, incorrect Attribute-/Tagnames, etc. For a clear overview, Error-documents were splitted in more categories:
  1. Errors within Attribute-Values.
  2. Errors within XML-Declaration.
  3. Errors within Document Type Declaration.
  4. Errors regarding MIME-Types.
  5. HTML-charset encoding Errors.
  6. XML-/XHTML-charset encoding Errors.
  7. Dokuments regarding text Anchor Errors.
  8. Miscellaneous Errors.
If you want to report any bugs or make some suggestions for improvement, please contact us, you will get response as soon as possible. Special thanks to Sven, helping us for Webpromotion when launching Validome 2.0.
Your input will help us to offer the web community a plain, correct and reliable validator, in accordance to W3C-Standards.

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