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What is the Validome-Sidebar?
The validator sidebar helps you to simplify the validation process for your HTML, XHTML, XML and WML documents.
Now it isn't necessary any more to type the Validome URL in your browser ( for URL- or Upload-Validation; the needed form for validating documents is now embedded in the Sidebar.

Advantage and Features
Reapplying validation of documents (upload functionality), you don't need to reselect the document to validate or configure possible settings for a second time. The initial settings you've chosed, will be saved automatically, even after closing your browser or restarting your system.
You can validate within your current browser window or fulfill the validation process in a new browser window.

Installation Requirements
The Sidebar works at the moment with Internet Explorer V 5.5 and higher for Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. A version for Mozilla and Opera is currently under development.

For installing the Sidebar on your computer, please download the Validome-Sidebar.exe (1,2 MB) and doubleclick the Validome-Sidebar.exe for starting the install.
Follow the instructions during installation process ! After completing install, please restart your computer.
For easy handling, you can embed the sidebar (right click) within your Internet Explorer Toolbar. For opening your Sidebar, just simply click on the Sidebar-Button (sidebar buton) in your toolbar

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